Things to Think About When Selecting a Web Designer

A good website is the one that attracts the clients and help in increasing the sale of the services and products of that company, but in contrast, even if your products are the best in the world, but unfortunately you did not think it would be a good idea to hire a good web designer, all your quality services or products will be of no importance to the consumer. The good web designer keeps the three main things on top priority that include 2015-07-07 13-14-54


  • Deigned properly
  • Logically
  • Cleanly

So the things you must think and consider while selecting a web designer to design your online store or website are

  1. Previous experience of the designer: The best web designers do keep the portfolio of the websites produced by them. Do notice the creative styles and element in those sites according to the need you want to see in your website.
  2. Listens to your needs: He will ask you confidently about what exactly are your needs and ideas. How do you want your site to interact with the clients. He is also cable of giving sound advices.
  3. Never choose the designer by his claims to get you on Google front: Although the web designer’s task is to design a well looking and potentially good site but it is not his job to get the site on the Google front. He just has to design the website by keeping in mind the tricks which keeps your site coded properly to be top with SEO but nothing more. Many web designers claim this earlier to get hired, but in the end you may disappoint, so beware of them.
  4. Design and coding separation: When getting the services of web designer from any company do mention your requirements to the web and coding designer both. Some companies have different people in web design and coding, as they may specialize in their respective fields, but it is your job to consult and update all of them for your needs. However, making all the things done by the single person is much logical and less time consuming 2015-07-07 13-16-14  5. A designer who blogs uses web and design in free time: Some good designer will also create the blogs for your    website to generate more traffic by using links. They better understand the usability and space.

6. Creating all the flash: Although flash based websites are more interactive and contains good graphics, but the issue with    them is the loading time. The websites which take much time only for loading are not appreciated by the customers and the other  problem is that they are not compatible with the entire web browser.

7. Referred by someone: A good work always speaks and force the new work to come to the source. Similarly a good web  designer is always appreciated by the last customers. Getting hire a designer who is referred by previous user who admire the  services offered by him, is always a good idea. 2015-07-07 13-17-58